Federal Criminal Defense Attorney

Federal criminal defense attorney David T. Schlendorf represents people from all walks of life facing a wide range of serious federal and state criminal charges. As a former prosecutor, he understands how to effectively defend serious charges. His past experience provides him valuable insight he uses daily when crafting winning defenses and pursing his clients' best interests. Located in Toms River, New Jersey, Mr. Schlendorf serves clients throughout the state and handles federal cases nationwide.

Attorney David T. Schlendorf is a certified criminal trial attorney, a designation held by just 2 percent of New Jersey's criminal lawyers.

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Protect Your Rights After a Criminal Arrest

Clients who hire David T. Schlendorf are often in crisis after a criminal arrest or during an investigation. He defends clients against a range of serious criminal charges, including homicide, sex crimes, computer crimes, drug charges, violent crimes and more.

After a criminal arrest, the future of the accused is on the line. Fines, penalties, jail time, social stigma and future difficulties in employment, housing opportunities and international travel are some of the likely negative consequences of a criminal conviction.

New Jersey Sex Crimes Lawyer

Charges involving sex crimes can have an immediate negative impact on the life of the accused and long-term consequences such as sex offender registration. In all criminal matters, attorney David T. Schlendorf is dedicated to protecting the legal rights and civil liberties of the accused.

For all these reasons and more, an experienced and hardworking criminal defense lawyer is a valuable ally and source of support for a person who is under investigation, has been arrested or has been charged with a crime. Call 866-895-9668 or contact the firm online to schedule an initial consultation with a dedicated Toms River criminal defense lawyer.